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Vanessa Noel’s ultra luxurious 100% baby cashmere scarves for men and women are light as a feather and sumptuously soft saturated in the season’s best colors picked by Vanessa Noel. Perfect for chilly winter weather and Caribbean evenings. Our baby cashmere scarves are woven so fine they can be pulled through a ring. Their chiffon quality allows them to drape around your neck and shoulders without adding extra bulk. They can also be tied around the waist and worn as a chic sarong, or tucked inside a small bag or carry-on for a must have perfect travel accessory for any occasion all year round.

  • Unisex ultra lightweight 100% baby cashmere scarf with eyelash fringe edges.
  • Large size offers an array of ways to wrap, drape, and tie.
  • Approximately 80” long by 40” wide.
  • Handmade in the Himalayan Mountains, Kashmir.
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